De La Bō California Cannabis

Elevate Any Experience

Our Mission is to provide exceptional quality cannabis and cannabis products which are made in harmony with nature, for cannabis connoisseurs who wish to elevate above the ordinary. Elevate any experience with De La Bō!

A Note From Our Founder

What is De La Bō?

De La Bo is class, elegance and most of all quality!
It’s expertise and the constant need to refine.

De La Bo is about taste, smell and the perfect cure, to make the smoothest draw.

It’s a lifestyle,
fun, laughter and dancing all night.

It’s the good fight
“equal rights and justice” – Peter Tosh

What is De La Bo?
Vintage cars
Graffiti and murals
Hiking to the waterfall
Cocktails on the sands of the tropics

It’s the symphony,
the ballet,
Bob Marley,
2Pac at the Civic Auditorium,
It’s the Shaolin Monks and the Grateful Dead

What is DE LA BŌ?

– Michael Baranchuck, CEO


The Best Flower

At De La Bō our number one goal is obtaining the best flower. We’re looking for varieties with the strongest terpene profiles in balance with our menu.
De La Bo Best Flower - Right Density


We only source plants with the right density to ensure the grind comes out to a perfect fluffy consistency. This keeps the oils from the flower perfectly distributed throughout the grind.

De La Bo Best Flower - Best Cure

The Best Cure

We look for flower that was flushed properly. Meaning it was given enough water during its last couple weeks of life, to flush out the salts and nutrients. Equally important is the drying process after its harvested. These are some of main things that give the flower a clean, smooth draw.

De La Bo Best Flower - Proper Storage

Proper Storage

After obtaining the right flower, its about proper storage. At De La Bō we store all of our whole flower and prerolls at our in house “cold room”, which is essentially a large humidor designed specifically for marijuana. The room is dark, cold, and set to an exact humidity level.


A Supreme Cannabis Experience

  • Reliable delivery times, excellent customer service, competitive costs
  • 100% Flower, Sustainably sourced, consistent, high quality, never using trim
  • Our audience is cannabis enthusiasts from all background who are 21+ and live in the state of California
  • For individuals who desire top quality artisanal cannabis products and a diligent team that delivers
Fumée is now De La Bō.Same Superior Cannabis Products. Much Cooler Name.

We are excited to announce that Fumée has changed names to De La Bō to better align with our expanded mission of providing you with the world's finest cannabis products, which go beyond our wildly popular smokable flower.

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