Luxury Brand De La Bō Launches with High-Quality Cannabis Pre-Rolls

De La Bō California - Premium Cannabis Products

Luxury Brand De La Bō Launches with High-Quality Cannabis Pre-Rolls

The California-based cannabis brand De La Bō launched recently to offer customers high-quality pre-rolls that are filled entirely with cannabis flower. This is in contrast to many companies which also incorporate trim into their pre-rolls.

“Trim” refers to the bits of leaf and other trimmings that are discarded during the harvesting and processing of the cannabis plant. While this part of the plant does still contain THC, it creates a much lower-quality product in terms of potency, flavor, and overall experience.

This is why De La Bō sells pre-rolls filled exclusively with A-grade cannabis flower. “I’ve been a marijuana grower for over twenty-five years, since my teenage years, says De La Bō founder, Michael Baranchuck, I’ve worked in all facets of this industry and consider myself to be a true connoisseur. I have a real love for cannabis and am putting this passion and knowledge into everything we do at De La Bō. It’s important for me to give our customers the same product and experience that I myself use and enjoy.”

Responsibly & Sustainably Grown California Cannabis

The company sources its cannabis only from local Northern California growers who operate to the highest environmental and labor standards. This not only allows them to offer a great product, but also to support a sustainable, ethical, and environmentally responsible approach to the cannabis industry.

Like any agricultural operation, cannabis farms can create pollution and other ecological disruptions, whether that’s run-off from pesticide use, air pollution from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the carbon footprint of importing water for irrigation.

De La Bō works hard to identify growers who are committed to responsible methods of growing, harvesting, and processing. This means everything from employing fair labor practices, to not using toxic chemicals during the growing process.

“I’m passionate about how we treat our planet. Being a long-time marijuana grower myself, I understand the impact that poor farming practices can have, not just in marijuana, but in all farming. I want to do everything we can at De La Bō to support our marijuana community with the least amount of impact on our environment.”

Every Cannabis Pre-Roll is Hand-Selected, 100% Pure Flower.

De La Bō’s pre-rolls currently come in two flavor profiles: Classic & Fuel. Visit to view our currently available strains.

The Classic offerings come in a variety of popular strains with unique terpene profiles from sweeter to earthier smell and taste.” These strains vary according to availability, but currently include Cake Crasher, Blue Dream, Grandpa Face, Team Cream, and Sour Pink Lemonade.

The Fuel offerings produce a more intense and cerebral high, and feature a gas-like, skunky taste and smell. Current offerings include Animal Face, SinMint Cookies, Strawberry Banana Kush, and King’s Stash OG.

Experience the World’s Finest Cannabis Smoke

De La Bō products are available at select cannabis retailers throughout California and by local delivery. Visit to find De La Bō cannabis pre-rolls near you.

About De La Bō

De La Bō —the World’s Finest Cannabis Smoke is a San Francisco-based cannabis brand selling high-quality, flower-only pre-rolls. Founded in 2016, De La Bō’s mission is to deliver cannabis enthusiasts an artisanal cannabis experience that respects both the earth and the people working in the industry. De La Bō products can be found wherever legal cannabis products are sold in California, although in-store availability may vary.